Max Orloff

No question: Max is "one of the most beautiful men ever to grace the XXX screen" (Adam Gay Directory). That face, those eyes, that incredible cock... Best known for a slew of Czech low-budgeters and his work for film makers Bel Ami and William Higgins, he was too great a temptation to pass. So, when photographer Jansi put us in touch with him, we jumped at the opportunity, flew him to Sicily and paired him with equally gorgeous Slava Petrovich in THE CLOWNS. Despite his reputation (we've heard it all: "he's a homophobe", "he's difficult"), Max came through as a pro: sure, he'd always look for a shortcut and give us 50% of what he was capable of, but agreed to bottom and endured the long hours.

We were so happy with his 50%, his Hollywood good looks and impressive physique, we asked him back for a 4-way in GREEK FEVER and a duo in THE INNKEEPER. Max pulled the plug at the very last minute -so last minute his air ticket to Athens had been already purchased. The 4-way in GREEK FEVER was scaled down to a 3-way, the duo for THE INNKEEPER was cancelled.


An introvert by nature, Max keeps to himself most of the time. He did warm up to Pietro Rosselli, who couldn't take his eyes off him, but didn't connect much with Slava. Then again, he didn't need words to get anyone's attention. A timid smile or a simple nod would melt cast and crew. Did we all swoon over him? You bet.


» The Clowns



Country: Czech Republic

Sign: Aquarius

Height: 6' 2"

Cock: 9 1/2"

Sexual Role: Versatile

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